References by some of my clients from abroad:

  • "It was a pleasure to have you here as speaker to take your part contributing our food congress for our Argentine food industry, retailors as well as government officials."

  • "Thanks a lot for your contribution at our various seminars on European food law and food hygiene conditions required by entering the European market."

  • "Let me express our deep and heartful respect to your extraordinary papers held at our seminars organized by our institution. Your contribution was a great help for our members who participated and which look forward to meet European food quality requirements."

  • "Doctor von Wiese, je vous très remercie pour votre contribution et votre education au thème "Hygiene d'alimentaire et du production en l'Europe.""

  • "Hello, doctor! I will advise my board of management to give you another order for training our people of production and logistics in our second plant acc. to the topic of the requirements of the INTERNATIONAL FOOD STANDARD (IFS). Thus , we will meet again."

  • "On behalf of my managing director we thank you, Wolfgang, for your participation at our company seminar on European food hygiene conditions. Especially, we have appreciated your simple but professional communication and advices to our employees out of production. Thank you and come back to Bratislava."

  • "Thank you for coming. It was hard to understand why the European food market is such different. Now, after having listened to your presentations and having got your practical answers and advices, we understand European food standards better, and we are quite sure now to meet European food requirements."

  • "It was a great pleasure to have you here in our country as part of the middle east. After three days you had held your papers with presentations we have got a lot of responses from the participants asking whether you are able to come back next year for another seminar series acc. to other food topics to be discussed in our country."